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The Entrepreneurship Issue: Agenda magazine Beijing

Jennifer Thome of Agenda Magazine has created a special issue on entrepreneurship. As the co-founder and former President of Entrepreneur Organization Beijing Chapter, and current Communications Chair, she asked me for my thoughts on the matter. Completely unexpectedly, as I was looking rather bleary eyed in my view, they placed me on the cover.

Agenda Nov Cover


She wrote 'There is a certain dynamic energy in Beijing that can be found in few other places, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Beijing’s entrepreneurial circles.  The city is abuzz with new ideas and

Norman Tebbit would be proud!

capital, and one has to suspect that the many problems brought about by China’s rapid modernization will also find their solutions here.'

Download the issue here

Agenda Magazine, published by True Run media, has become a partner of EO Network.  True Run is owned by Michael Wester, another EO Beijing member. As a result they kindly run our pioneer advertising series created by RedStar Media. The founder of which is Ian Burns, another EO'er.

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