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Morgan Cars (Beijing) registered with 14 departments, and counting the cost

Registering a car company in China is not for those who don't enjoy a good dose of bureaucratic administration. I made a simple error which has caused some havoc. The Chinese company name all translates except for the convention in China to write  '有限公司' 'Limited Company', whilst in English the name is 'Company Limited.' Our Dealer Agreement is written with the direct translation from Chinese i.e. Limited Company. For the Bank of China, this transposition lead to their rejection of our funds from Hong Kong - and a delay in Capital Verification. Added to that is a letter which Morgan Motor now needs to sign which states that they are indeed party to this agreement with Morgan Cars Beijing Company Limited. Truly lost in translation and counting the costs of symantics.


Government authority in English Registered company name English/Chinese
Commerce Bureau 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司
Beijing Municipal Government 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司
Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司
Public Security Bureau 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司
Quality and Technical Supervisory Bureau 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司
Local and State Tax Bureau 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司
Bank of China Malvern Morgan Cars (Beijing) Co., Ltd
State Administration for Foreign Exchange Malvern Morgan Cars (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Finance Bureau 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司
Statistics Bureau 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司
Commerce Bureau Malvern Morgan Cars (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Customs Bureau Malvern Morgan Cars (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Quality Supervision and Quarantine Inspection Bureau 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司
Customs Bureau 摩尔文摩根汽车销售(北京)有限公司

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  1. Morry Morgan 24 November 2012 at 12:06 pm Permalink

    A great example where form trumps common sense. This is an excellent topic for another ClarkMorgan Insights video, if you are free again in early December.

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