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Returned to the UK June 2019.

In June 1995 at the age of 28 I left the sunny climes of Manchester, UK, for Singapore to start my first business, EASTWEST Public Relations. That began a lifelong journey of learning how to be a better entrepreneur, build a more profitable and sustainable business, and achieve a healthy worklife balance. I am still on that journey and this site is intended to share some of the things I learn and introduce some of the knowledgeable people I meet with others who are on this journey.

I first came to China on business in 1998 and felt it too early to introduce the public relations business, EASTWEST Public Relations, but the entry into WTO by China in 2001 was the catalyst which energized EASTWEST clients to need marketing support.

In 1999 I launched go-events.com, a search engine for business events, and raised US$500,000 in venture capital. The PR firm continued to run under a local manager.  It was great fun to build a regional business but the dotcom crash of April 2001 combined with Sept 911 meant the sale of that business and a return to the helm of the PR firm.

I returned to Beijing in 2004 to study Mandarin, while also working on the business plan to open the company as a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise in 2006.

My birthday present to myself on 25th January 1996 was to get on the plane to Beijing.  My 40th year would be spent building a  business in China.

Since arriving in Beijing I have tried to keep myself busy.
- Managing Director of  Morgan Cars (HK) Limited
- Chairman of EASTWEST Public Relations
- Board of China Entrepreneurs 2006 to 2007
British Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee 2007-2008
- Founding and Chair the British Business Awards 2008
- Co-founder and President (2007-2009) Beijing chapter of the global Entrepreneurs Organization
- Partner in metcalf & q
- Chairman of EggplantDigital
- Program Co-ordinator for UNC Chapel Hill intern program in Beijing

China gave me the  new lease of life I wanted, and also the happiness which comes with marriage to Wei and being the father of two young daughters, Amity Huan Huan and Halo Mulan.







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