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01 February 2007 ~ 0 Comments


It is 368 days since I first stepped off the plane onto Chinese soil and I still have 558 days to establish EASTWEST as a force to be reckoned with before the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Add to these numbers two more: I celebrated my 40th birthday on a beach in Boracay, contemplating EASTWEST […]

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20 August 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Getting Noticed

Beijing was held under a damp muggy blanket of fumes and drizzle all week, and we were gifted a glimpse of the big blue yonder only on Sunday, a parallel in some ways to the seven months of hard work and the reward at the end of this week. The SOHO is beginning to be […]

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13 August 2006 ~ 0 Comments


I learnt about how business is really being done in China this week, questioning the validity of bringing more western theory to local entrepreneurs, enjoyed watching the Chinese hopefuls dance for a place in the World Salsa Championship, and chatted about mixed culture relationships with Hard Candy. It is normal for a client to ask […]

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