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Jaw Recovers from Ameloblastoma

Jaw bone recovery after Ameloblastoma surgery.

Jaw bone recovery after Ameloblastoma surgery.










Oct 2nd I returned for the day to Singapore to Professor Ho Kee Hai and a check up on the Ameloblastoma. Some 18 months after the initial diagnosis, 3 surgical procedures, and some discomfort, the jaw bone has repaired. This is nature at work. I find it hard to believe that it was Feb 2012 that I discovered this tumour in my jaw.

I elected not to have the conventional procedure of replacing the tumour ridden part of the jaw with the fibia, which would have been quicker and more absolute. This alternative path has meant that I have retained my aging profile, and now have 2 ceramic implants on the left side of my jaw. The nerves are not quite the same and I constantly feel as though I am drooling out of the left side of my mouth which leads me to suck in my cheek; I notice this mainly now due to a line in my cheek and as in photos I look as though I am grimacing.

Grimacing I am not - I have had a miraculous escape. I hope that this case of a successful treatment of Ameloblastoma by a moderate course of treatment is an encouragement to other sufferers. Hopefully this is also the last post of this kind on my blog.



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