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16 April 2006 ~ 0 Comments



This was a week when the largely academic and logistical challenges of starting EASTWEST in China became superceded by practical issues of sifting through resumes,  the moral dilemma of ‘cash for coverage’ and the realization that even some simple tasks are open to misinterpretation. In response to our 4 page questionnaire that I use to […]

09 April 2006 ~ 0 Comments



This week I made progress in transitioning the Jianwai soho unit into an office, started the recruitment drive and felt what it is like to commute between cities, a fatiguing experience destined to be the fate of a growing number of mainland Chinese. On Tuesday Guosheng Qi, a serious young IT graduate of Tsinghua university, […]

02 April 2006 ~ 0 Comments


‘Springtime is seen as a season, growth, renewal and new life. But it is also a time when chronic diseases break out’[1] This has been an excellent week, one in which I secured first ever coverage for clients in mainstream English language publications in China, gave EASTWEST it’s Chinese christening and avoided all Spring related […]

26 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments


This week marked the first time that I was not pre-occupied with operational things, except installing the washing machine, and upon my return from Singapore I was greeted by a clean and tidy SOHO and felt that life is getting good. I landed 2 months ago to set up a Beijing office and finally I […]

19 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments



I have missed writing the diary, a function of a rather stressful and purely self-imposed extraction from my comfort zone in Singapore. Moving three different apartments in as many weeks, missing out on more horse racing with the Queen, and moving 2,791, has led me to question why, at the age of 39, I am […]

26 February 2006 ~ 0 Comments


On closer inspection China is full of contradictions, counter currents in the tidal waves of change and culture. In my fourth week in Beijing I listened to Mr China, hosted an art exhibition and learnt that in spite of some signs of non sense, this place is opportunity in chaos. About 100 expatriates struggled to […]

19 February 2006 ~ 0 Comments


Week 3 in China and I believe that it is all coming together, as long as I don’t die of a respiratory disease first. This was a productive and intermittently healthy week in which I navigated the queue system at the Bank of China, followed the aspiring Chinese at Torino and became aware of the […]

12 February 2006 ~ 0 Comments



I’ve made progress this week, the blanket of snow covering Beijing on Monday being a good omen by legend,  as it brings water for the crops in spring. In the first working week of the Year of Dog I have learnt about the myriad laws for company incorporation, rented an office in downtown Beijing and […]