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The list makes it all look easy – setting up car import company in China

With thanks as always to Lee & Lee, as we received our import license today in just under 12 months from starting this whole process, I thought it would be a good reminder to list down the steps we have taken to get to the stage where we can import Morgan cars to China. A process which predicted 260 days took in the end some 360 days. If only these steps could take place concurrently, but they don't.

No. Certificates In English Time Required (Working Days)
1 Name pre-approval 5-10 days
2 Approval from Commerce Bureau 60- 80 days
3 Approval Certificate 5-10 days
4 Temporary Business License 5-15 days
5 Public Security Bureau Filing Record and Stamps-making (5 chops) 5-10 days
6 Organization Code Certificate 1-3 days
7 Tax Registration Certificate 1-3 days
8 Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate(IC card) 15-20 days
9 Opening Bank Account (RMB basic account) 7-10 days
10 open capital account(after get SAFE approval) 10-15 days
11 capital injection depends on clients
12 capital verification 8-10 days
13 update business license depends on acutal situation
14 Finance Registration Certificate 1-3 days
15 Statistics Registration Certificate 1-3 days
16 Foreign Trade Dealer Registration Form 1-5 days
17 Self-inspection Unit Registration Certificate 5 days
18 Customs Registration Certificate and customs chop making 8 days
19 Electronic Port Application 10-15 days

Our company is now listed with some 13 different bureaux in English and Chinese. Bank accounts are set up and facilities for international transactions established:
Commerce Bureau
Beijing Municipal Government
Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce
Public Security Bureau
Quality and Technical Supervisory Bureau
Local and State Tax Bureau
Bank of China
State Administration for Foreign Exchange
Finance Bureau
Statistics Bureau
Commerce Bureau
Customs Bureau
Quality Supervision and Quarantine Inspection Bureau
Customs Bureau

And after all that - now - to sell some cars!

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